Maker Faire 2019

      • Jedi Training Device


        Have you ever seen a scene Jedi deflect an enemy’s bullet in a Star Wars movie ?

        I wanted to make a device that can make this scene a reality.
        At first I made an LED panel instead of a bullet. Two cameras have recognized the lightsaber.
        The next year I changed a camera to Kinect sensor(XBOX sensor).
        We could not be satisfied, so in 2018 we made a device that balls jump out of two holes.
        This device has two muzzle that follow center of human always by using kinect sensor.
        There is no escape area. You have to protect yourself by using lightsaber.
        In 2019 I made it possible to start with Force gesture.


        Jedi Training 2020 Player’s view

        I also made a lightsaber. PVC tube is used for the grip part.
        This lightsaber uses 160pcs. of RGB LED.
        Audio playback function, POV function, wireless function, etc. are available.

        Jedi Training Device 2020 in Maker Faire Bangkok 2020

        Jedi Training Device 2019 in Maker Faire Bay Area 2019

        Jedi Training Device 2019 in Maker Faire Bangkok 2019

        Jedi Training Device 2019 in Shanghai Maker Carnival 2019

         Jedi Training Device 2018 in Maker Faire Tokyo 2018

         Jedi Training Device 2018


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      • Jedi Training Device